About Us

2006                 Dipl.-Bw. Andreas Doegl MBA estabilished a company named ADIT andreas Doegl e.U, located in Steinapiesting 11/3

                           A-2770 Gutenstein - AUSTRIA, running business in system engineering and network infrastructure.


2008                 Founding of IT SOLUTIONS GmbH, by Ing. Thomas Weichselbaumer.

                           Running an IT engineering business for government and public services.


2014                Founding of ENT Engineering e.U,by Mr. Roman Thuer.   

       The company specialized in industrial engineering providing a full service for industrial machinery, especially in roll grinding machines.


2017                Founding of ADIT Andreas Doegl GmbH.

                          Migration of the Companies IT SOLUTIONS GmbH and ENT Engineering e.U in ADIT Andreas Doegl GmbH.


2018                Joint appearance under the name WeQ Technologies® as a company group. Headquartered in Gutenstein, AUSTRIA 


 The office located in Steinapiesting 11/3 A-770 Gutenstein, has become the company address where the company is registered.

 The factory and workshop in Haupstrasse 34 A-2763 Pernitz, is the main company operating facilities.


Company :


The Headquarter in Austria should expand within years to support our customer in Europe.

A local company should be launched for supporting our customer in Asia as well.


Product :


Years of experience has given us proven know-how on work of the art in industrial engineering, specialized in roll grinding machine to explore more the products to tailored customer demands.     


Continuously improvement of our product and compatible prices.

Infrastruktur und Netzwerkdesign

(Insfrastructure and Network Design)


(Industrial Automation)